Survival of the fittest

Hi everyone i want to share something here…so I wrote it .now i am a engineer!! because I completed my graduate degree in mechanical stream. I am very happy about it .but that’s not a matter.

Matter is i am jobless and still eat my parents money and energy…felt very bad myself .how ugly i am..i am doing my best in every thing..still  i can’t go any job..what I do ?this is my problem.i have a bigger dream about my life,career,etc..blah blah..

Life goes without any motivation and source of income.if anybody can help me to good suggestion for my future..

Happy onam


Happy onam to all my brotherhood malayali chetans. Onam aasamsankal…

Onam which was celebrated continuously 10 days in kerala and celebrated by all malayali in common ,without any difference like religion,caste blah blah….mainly it is a receiving formality of Mahabli ,  at end of onam.These 10 days includes Vallam Kali(boat races), Pulikali (tiger dances), Pookkalam (flower arrangement), Onathappan (worship), Onam Kali, Tug of War, Thumbi Thullal (women’s dance), Kummati kali (mask dance), Onathallu (martial arts), Onavillu(music), Kazhchakkula (plantain offerings), Onapottan (costumes), Atthachamayam (folk songs and dance)